1. This Privacy Policy contains rules for collecting and processing information about Users, applicable to Website.

2. GRUPA PRODUCENTÓW ROZSAD KRASOŃ (address: Piaski 32a, 97-371 Wola Krzysztoporska) shall act as the Personal Data Controller ("PDC"), as understood by the Act of 29 August 1997 concerning personal data protection (Journal of Laws, 1997, No 133, item 883).

3. The website limits use and collection of information about the Users to the necessary minimum required to ensure the highest quality of the Website services. When no legal basis for data disclosure exists, Users' Data shall not be disclosed to any third parties in any other way than related to the Website objectives, and a scope of consent given, as well as statements, information and data concerning Users. The said information shall be disclosed solely on request from authorised government bodies, particularly, following presentation of relevant documents confirming a need to obtain such data for proceedings in progress.

4. Cookie files are small, usually text files, saved by the Website on User's computer. These files facilitate device recognition and correct display of a website, adjusted to User's preferences. Cookie files usually contain a name of a website from which they were sent, duration of their storage on the device and a unique number.

5. Cookie files are used:

  • to the extent necessary to provide Website services;
  • for marketing and statistical analyses purposes;
  • for advertising, market research and studies of behaviours and preferences, where results of these studies are intended to be used for own needs, to improve quality of services provided by the Website.

6. The User gives its consent for the Administrator to store cookie files required for correct provision of services on their computer. These files do not collect User's personal data, do not change configuration of their computer, are not used to install or remove any software, viruses or Trojans, and do not interfere with the system or User's data integrity.

7. The Website uses the following cookie types:

  • "session" cookies – temporary files remaining on the User's hardware until they log out from the Website or close the browser;
  • "persistent" cookies – files remaining on the User's hardware for the time specified in "cookie" file parameters or until removed manually.
  • third-party cookies having their own privacy policy, i.e., Google Inc (Google Analytics), Facebook Inc (

8. "Cookie" files are used for statistical and marketing purposes, as well as to adapt the Website content to User's preferences.

9. Cookie files are stored and used by the Website for up to 30 days.

10. The User can change their browser settings at any times, so it will not accept cookie files or will notify about them being sent. Without any changes the above information can be placed and stored in the User's final device. The Users themselves can manage cookie files, by:

  • accepting cookies, resulting in User's full access to options offered at the Website;
  • managing cookie files individually at each website level;
  • specifying individual settings for various types of cookies,
  • blocking or removing cookies.

- more information on blocking automatic cookie storage can be found in browser settings. However, it should be remembered that use of the Website may be hindered when cookies are not accepted.