The Group of Vegetable Seedling Producers Krasoń has its roots in the early 1990’s when the owner of a farm, Grzegorz Krasoń, and his wife Agata were involved in a typical horticultural production, mainly the cultivation of tomatoes and chrysanthemums.

In 1997, the Horticultural Farm Krasoń was established, which produced vegetable seedlings. It was then when the first greenhouse facility with an area of 0.5 hectare was built. In the following years, the farm was gradually enlarged, and currently in Piaski the production takes place in suitably adapted, modern greenhouses with an area of 5 hectares. In 2012, the Horticultural Farm Krasoń evolved into the Group of Vegetable Seedling Producers Krasoń Sp. z o.o. The change resulted, inter alia, from the need for the improvement of the logistics performance of the Company.

Currently, the Central Office for Orders and Distribution is located in Piaski, which due to the perfect location provides services to both domestic and foreign Customers. Our company is the largest farm of this type in Poland.

The Company has a modern machinery stock and several lorries, each being able to transport 450 thousand seedlings.