The “Święta Project” is a response to the Customers’ demand for vegetable seedlings.


In order to meet all the Customers’ requirements, the Group of Vegetable Seedling Producers Krasoń decided to build a modern facility with an area of 6 ha in Święta near Złotów.

Currently, it is the most modern greenhouse facility of this type in Poland, and one of the few in Europe. It is planned to be ultimately expanded by further 6 hectares. The facility was constructed from scratch, and it was necessary to build auxiliary facilities along with the greenhouse, namely a freight forwarding building, pulverized coal-fired boiler plant, a buffer tank, and a constructed reservoir for the rainwater collected on the greenhouse roof.

This investment will both increase our potential for seedling production and extend the production period. The facility in Święta is fully automated, which allows the rationalisation of production costs.

The greenhouse is equipped with additional lighting at a level of 7000 lx (with adjustable illumination intensity control), a machine for sorting tomato seedlings, a flood irrigation system, a heated floor, a carbon dioxide dosing system, a tray arranging robot, and an automatic watering arm.